President Biden’s Incident at US Air Force Academy Graduation Ceremony: A Humorous Stumble and Bump

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Biden’s Incident at US Air Force Academy Graduation Ceremony

During the graduation ceremony at the US Air Force Academy, President Joe Biden experienced a momentary mishap. While shaking hands with a cadet, Biden stumbled over an obstacle on stage, resulting in a face-first tumble. However, he quickly regained his footing with the assistance of Air Force personnel, appearing uninjured. Biden humorously pointed out a small black sandbag on the stage that had caused the stumble. The White House Communications Director, Ben LaBolt, confirmed via Twitter that Biden was fine and the sandbag had been present while he was greeting attendees.

Later, as Biden returned to the White House aboard Air Force One and Marine One, he encountered another stroke of misfortune when he accidentally bumped his head while exiting the helicopter. Despite these incidents, Biden showed no signs of injury as he walked across the South Lawn, jokingly remarking to reporters that he had been “sandbagged.”

At 80 years old, Biden holds the distinction of being the oldest person to assume the presidency. He remains physically fit, as affirmed by his official doctor’s report, and maintains a regular exercise routine. It’s worth noting that in November 2020, shortly after his election victory over former President Donald Trump, Biden broke his foot while playing with a pet dog.


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