Tragic Deaths of Chinese Influencers in Online Binge-Drinking Challenges

China news

China news
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China news – In a series of unfortunate incidents, two Chinese social media influencers lost their lives while attempting dangerous online challenges involving binge drinking.

The most recent case involved a popular content creator known as Zhong Yuan Huang Ge, or Brother Huang, who tragically passed away at the age of 27. According to his wife, he succumbed to excessive alcohol consumption during a live-streamed binge-drinking session undertaken as a desperate attempt to pay off his pre-marriage debts.

Huang, hailing from China’s Central Plains, was driven to participate in the challenge due to financial difficulties. In one of his videos, he was seen igniting a piece of tissue paper soaked in alcohol, consuming half a bottle of the potent Chinese liquor baijiu, eating scallions, and then proceeding to finish the rest of the bottle before opening another one. This reckless act ultimately proved fatal.

China news

The deceased influencer’s social media account has since been banned. Notably, Huang was a close friend of another influencer named Wang, who had tragically died just a few weeks earlier under similar circumstances, after consuming four bottles of baijiu during an online challenge. Wang, known as “Sanqiange” or “Brother Three Thousand” on social media, was mourned by Huang at his funeral.

Baijiu, with its high alcohol content ranging from 30 to 60 percent, is notorious for its potency. The consumption of alcohol has been on the rise in China, particularly among economically disadvantaged individuals from rural areas. A study conducted by researchers at Peking University revealed that eight percent of men in China can be classified as “problem drinkers.”

These incidents highlight the dangers associated with online challenges and the need for increased awareness regarding responsible alcohol consumption. The loss of these young influencers serves as a tragic reminder of the risks individuals may take in pursuit of financial gain or online fame.


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